Furniture Rental

ORI provides solutions for full or partial rental of household goods in the short-term (until the arrival of the shipping container) or throughout the relocation period. These solutions enable complete flexibility in choosing a place of residence, save the cost of living in temporary housing and allow the relocating family to move directly to it accommodation.

ORI represents the world’s largest furniture rental company – CORT Furniture Rental. This business partnership places ORI at the highest international standard in the furniture rental service and enables us to provide these services in Israel and in every destination worldwide.

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Shipment services in Israel and abroad

Transition to the destination country involves complex logistical organization and the need to find effective solutions for packaging, shipping, storage and rental of furniture and equipment. In the Relocation Services Package, ORI provides all logistics services required for a successful transition


Cargo Storage

ORI provides storage for the contents of the house throughout the relocation period and beyond, as required.