O.R.I. has practical experience in issuing work permitsentry permits and residency permits in Israel and in more than 60 countries. O.R.I.’s vast experience in this field and collaboration with global suppliers allows it to shorten the processing time and adapt it to the needs of the company and employees. The Company has a comprehensive and updated database of the laws and regulations in all the relevant destination countries.

Our immigration professionals provide services to companies issuing all types of visas for Israeli employees relocating abroad, employees of subsidiaries relocated to other countries and foreign experts and managers relocated to Israel.


Work Permits / Work Visas

Obtaining a work permit overseas is contingent on the quality of the candidate and the status of the company that employs him/her. Types of work permits, restrictions regarding possible types of employment and the possibility of employing a spouse vary from country to country (sometimes from city to city in the same country). Appropriate consulting and early planning will support in issuing the appropriate work visa.

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O.R.I. has practical experience in issuing work permits & work visa

in Israel and more than 60 countries.


Residential Permits / Residential Visa

Residency visas are usually given for only a limited period of time. Handling the matter properly with the certifying authorities will assist in obtaining a residency visa for the appropriate period of relocation and/or for an extension without complications.

O.R.I. has practical experience in issuing residential permits / visa

in Israel and more than 60 countries.

Entry Permits / Entry Visas

Visas to various countries differ depending on the reason for entering the country. Preparing the necessary documents well in advance and submitting them according to the criteria supports in receiving the visa rapidly and without complications.

O.R.I. has by practical experience in issuing entry permits / visa

in israel and more than 60 countries.

Work Permits for Foreign Employees in Israel

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