Relocation Consulting Services & Global Human Resources

ORI is the leading professional body in the field of relocation consulting. ORI helps many companies tailor relocation policies that are suitable for their needs. ORI also assists companies, employees and their families in planning the relocation process and executing the transition effectively and quickly.


Consulting companies and organizations


Developing a Relocation Policy: ORI was in charge of develop the relocation policies of most of Israel’s leading companies (including Orbotech, ECI, Electra, Amdocs, Teva, Makhteshim – Agan, Zim, Comverse and Strauss). Tailoring the relocation policies is carried out by analyzing Israeli and global market trends and by detailed mapping of the company’s needs, the business environment and the organizational culture.

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Ongoing Relocation Consulting: ORI helps companies analyze relevant costs and budgets, statutory requirements and market trends and understand the aspects of immigration, tax, insurance and labor laws relevant to them:

  • Considerations when employing an expatriate: transaction status, tax liability, labor status and immigration laws.

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  • Wages, benefits and relocation costs:

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  • Relocation benefits and conditions: transition conditions, assistance in acclimatizing, housing, children’s education, automotive, home leave, insurance and terms of repatriation

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Global human resources consulting: ORI provides HR personnel in Israel with the full range of tools needed for recruitment and management of local employees at overseas company sites:

  • Considerations in establishing a local company

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  • Local HR practices

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  • Salary surveys and local employee benefits

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  • Labor law reports

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  • Intercultural consulting

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Individual counseling of relocation candidates


ORI provides consulting services that enable individual candidates to evaluate the proposed relocation they received (or prepare themselves for such proposal) and manage their relocation process and their families’ effectively and efficiently:

  • Cost of living survey destination area
  • Comparative analysis of net income and free income during relocation compared to the current situation
  • Status and conditions of employment in Israel and in the destination country (unpaid leave, layoff, termination of relocation back to the home company)
  • Aspects of migration (visa type, working spouse, permanent residence)
  • Tax aspects to consider in Israel and in the destination country
  • Aspects of Insurance: Medical Insurance conservation, disability insurance, life insurance and pension savings in Israel, medical insurance and pension savings insurance in the destination country
  • Eligibility for benefits in the work place and during the relocation process
  • Preparing the family for relocation
  • Departure from Israel – To Do List
  • Arriving to the destination area – To Do List
  • Residence in the destination area
  • Kindergartens, schools and adult education in the destination area
  • Car and Driving in the destination area
  • Banking services in the destination area

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