Relocation Services in the Destination Country: Orientation, Homefinding and Settling-in

ORI has extensive experience in relocation processes in more than 50 countries around the world. ORI provides employees and families with management and support during the relocation and acclimatization process, thereby enabling a “soft landing” in the destination country. These services are provided both in Israel (for assignees being relocated to Israel) and in every possible destination worldwide (via ORI’s global partners).

The relocation service package includes:

  • Orientation in the potential planned residential areas: reviewing the surrounding environment in terms of education possibilities, accommodation, infrastructure and services, medical providers, transportation etc.
  • School Search and Registration in the residential area
  • Homefinding: finding an apartment or a house suitable for the employee and family, assistance in dealing with the property owner and signing a lease.
  • Settling-in Services: opening a bank account, obtaining a local driving license, local registration, renting or buying a car, mobile phone, etc.
  • Utilities Connection: services: electricity, telephone, water, cable or satellite TV, etc.
  • Spouse’s Assistance: employment, studies, volunteer work, etc.
  • Hotline during the first 90 days.
  • Tenancy Management: Payment of all utility bills. Payment of property taxes and “house council” taxes. Coordination and Payment of insurance policies (health, liability, etc). Management and coordination of all required repairs services.
  • Departure Services: assistance during the return to the country of origin (termination of rental agreement, return of the property, disconnecting services, reporting to the relevant authorities).

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