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ORI is the leading professional body in the field of relocation consulting. ORI helps many companies tailor relocation policies that are suitable for their needs. ORI also assists companies, employees and their families in planning the relocation process and executing the transition effectively and quickly.


Consulting companies and organizations


Developing a Relocation Policy: ORI was in charge of develop the relocation policies of most of Israel’s leading companies (including Orbotech, ECI, Electra, Amdocs, Teva, Makhteshim – Agan, Zim, Comverse and Strauss). Tailoring the relocation policies is carried out by analyzing Israeli and global market trends and by detailed mapping of the company’s needs, the business environment and the organizational culture.

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Ongoing Relocation Consulting: ORI helps companies analyze relevant costs and budgets, statutory requirements and market trends and understand the aspects of immigration, tax, insurance and labor laws relevant to them:

  • Considerations when employing an expatriate: transaction status, tax liability, labor status and immigration laws.

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  • Wages, benefits and relocation costs:

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  • Relocation benefits and conditions: transition conditions, assistance in acclimatizing, housing, children’s education, automotive, home leave, insurance and terms of repatriation

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Global human resources consulting: ORI provides HR personnel in Israel with the full range of tools needed for recruitment and management of local employees at overseas company sites:

  • Considerations in establishing a local company

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  • Local HR practices

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  • Salary surveys and local employee benefits

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  • Labor law reports

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  • Intercultural consulting

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Individual counseling of relocation candidates


ORI provides consulting services that enable individual candidates to evaluate the proposed relocation they received (or prepare themselves for such proposal) and manage their relocation process and their families’ effectively and efficiently:

  • Cost of living survey destination area
  • Comparative analysis of net income and free income during relocation compared to the current situation
  • Status and conditions of employment in Israel and in the destination country (unpaid leave, layoff, termination of relocation back to the home company)
  • Aspects of migration (visa type, working spouse, permanent residence)
  • Tax aspects to consider in Israel and in the destination country
  • Aspects of Insurance: Medical Insurance conservation, disability insurance, life insurance and pension savings in Israel, medical insurance and pension savings insurance in the destination country
  • Eligibility for benefits in the work place and during the relocation process
  • Preparing the family for relocation
  • Departure from Israel – To Do List
  • Arriving to the destination area – To Do List
  • Residence in the destination area
  • Kindergartens, schools and adult education in the destination area
  • Car and Driving in the destination area
  • Banking services in the destination area

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מדריך לריאיון וסינון עובדים בארה”ב

כל מה שאתם צריכים לדעת על השיטות, המנהגים והטקטיקות לראיון וסינון עובדים בארה”ב:

מדריך ריאיון וסינון עובדים בארה”ב


Holding European Passport & Want to Live in the UK?

Holding European Passport & Want to Live in the UK?

Financial requirement for UK spouses being challenged in the UK courts

The UK Supreme Court is to review and give its verdict upon the validity of the financial requirement for those who wish to bring their non-EEA spouses to the UK.

The current rules require UK nationals looking to bring their partner to the UK to show a minimum income requirement of at least £18,600 or savings of at least £62,500.  These requirements are compatible with Article 8 (right to a private and family life) of the European Convention on Human Rights. Previously applicants were only required to show that they could maintain their immediate family in the UK without claiming public funds.

The appeal follows the dismissal of the challenge by the Court of Appeal last year and has been highly controversial. Many claim that the inflexible financial requirement has prevented families residing together and has led to some children being forced to grow up without having one of their parents’ present, simply because their family cannot show the income required.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the UK families’ challenge this would see a potential increase of UK nationals who are able to be reunited with their non EEA spouses in the UK.

New Procedure for Work Permits and Visas For Foreign Experts

New Procedure for Work Permits and Visas For Foreign Experts

We wish to call to your attention to a new procedure which consolidates the various directives regarding permits and visas for the employment of foreign experts in Israel published on December 13, 2015.

Israel Population and Immigration Authority Procedure 5.3.0041 (the “New Procedure”) sets out stricter criteria relating to the classification of foreign experts including but not limited to increased scrutiny of salary and wage requirements, revised application procedures and additional documentary requirements for foreign experts, and changes to the process for accompanying family members of foreign experts as follows:

Base Salary Of Foreign Experts

The New Procedure establishes that the base salary of a foreign expert must not fall below twice the average salary in the labor market for a salaried employee, other than in extraordinary cases. In accordance with the New Procedure, the base salary shall not include payments for overtime hours or shifts. Moreover, payments for housing and other associated payments shall not be calculated as part of the base salary.

Workers in Fields Which Do Not Require Attainment of an Academic Degree

The New Procedure distinguishes between foreign experts working in fields which require academic degrees as a minimum entry requirement, and foreign experts working in fields which do not require academic degrees. It is yet unclear whether this distinction applies to foreign experts who do not hold academic degrees or to foreign experts working in areas which by definition do not require the attainment of an academic degree (Ex: construction work performed by foreign experts who are artists by profession). In light of the explanation set out in the relevant affidavit, we believe that the intent of the procedure relates to foreign experts working in fields which do not require the attainment of an academic degree such as welders, floorers, carpenters and ethnic chefs. In this regard, we intend to approach the Head of the Population and Immigration Authority for further clarification with regard to this and other matters included in the New Procedure.

With respect to applications for foreign experts in fields which do not require attainment of an academic degree, the Foreign Workers Unit of the Population and Immigration Authority (the “Foreign Workers Unit”) is permitted to demand, inter alia, deposit of a bond to ensure payment of the foreign expert’s salary; various documentation ensuring that the foreign expert did not pay an agent for the purposes of entering Israel; an attorney confirmation that the employment agreement is an accordance with Israeli labor law, as well as additional documentation given the need.

Submission of the application is contingent upon the employer’s obligation to deposit the foreign expert’s salary into a bank account in Israel in which no third party other than the foreign expert or his/her authorized representative has authority to conduct transactions. The employer will further be obligated to maintain on a permanent basis, all bank confirmations evidencing deposits made for salary payments. Given the need, the employer may be requested to present the bank confirmations as evidence of such deposits.

Changes Regarding Required Documentation For Work Permit Applications

In accordance with the New Procedure, there have been a number of changes with regard to the required documentation which must be submitted to the Foreign Workers Unit within the scope of a work permit application.

1. The relevant affidavit. There have been changes to the text of all required affidavits such that each affidavit must pertain to the specific employee for whom the application is being submitted.
2. In cases where the sponsor is a foreign corporation without a corporate presence in Israel, the employer must attach a power of attorney executed and signed at an Israeli consulate abroad authorizing an Israeli agent to submit and handle all aspects of the application on behalf of the foreign employer.
3. Employers submitting applications for foreign experts in fields which do not require attainment of an academic degree are required to attach confirmations evidencing lawful employment.
4. Every application submitted by an employer who already employs foreign experts must attach an accountant’s confirmation for each individual worker which confirms payment of the proffered wages during the past year for all foreign experts employed by such employer. The Foreign Worker’s Unit is permitted to allow employers to submit one confirmation for a number of applications submitted within a consecutive 6 month period.
5. In cases of work permit extension requests for foreign experts in fields which do not require attainment of an academic degree, the employer must attach copies of pay stubs and confirmations of deposit to an Israeli bank account in the foreign expert’s name, in addition to a confirmation from the bank that no one other than the foreign expert or his/her authorized representative has conducted transactions within the account.

Changes Regarding the Process For Obtaining Work Visas

Following approval of a work permit for the employment of a foreign expert, the employer is required to approach the local office of the Population and Immigration Authority in accordance with the details listed on the permit in order to secure the work visa. During this stage, applications for dependent immediate family members including citizens of visa waiver countries are submitted for the purpose of authorizing their admission to Israel.

Admission to Israel of dependent family members of foreign experts working in fields which do not require attainment of academic degrees will not be automatic, and will be subject to the discretion of a Population and Immigration Authority officer. Original, certified documentation of the familial relationship must be submitted at this time.

In the event that the permit is approved, the employee will be required to approach the relevant Israeli consulate where consular notification was requested, and present the following documentation:

1. An original police clearance certificate issued within the last year.
2. A medical examination performed at a medical institution recognized by the Israeli consulate within the 3 months preceding submission of the application.

We will of course continue to update you on additional developments.

As always, we remain at your disposal with regard to matters contained in this client update and any other matters relating to Israeli immigration.