The “Classic” Relocation Alternatives

Flexible labor mobility: the classical relocation mission alternatives The familiar relocation method may have quite a few drawbacks, such as the high cost of sending an employee for the company, the employee’s family difficulties and career damage. Recent developments in the global relocation business provide effective alternatives that address tax considerations, salary considerations, length of […]

Ways To Reduce Relocation Costs

Expensive Expatriate : How to reduce Relocation Costs     Sending an employee abroad with his/her family can be much more expensive than expected, due to factors such as quality of life that the employee expects and the costs associated with the economy of a family with children. Proper planning by the company may reduce […]

Severance of Employment

Severance of employee – employer relations and its implications on pension plans In the relocation process the employer-employee relationship between the worker who is sent and the Israeli company that sent him/her is often severed, which could seriously harm the security of the employee’s and his/her family’s pension. Adopting proper policies and employee training can […]

Employee Relocation Retention

Lost Employees: How To Retain Employees on Relocation During the employee’s relocation abroad he is gaining knowledge and skills of great value for the company that sent him, but upon his return to Israel – integration difficulties could make him leave after a short period of time. Proper planning and investment of resources in employee […]

Relocation Assignment Checklist

Evaluating Candidates For Relocation

Both Professional and Personal: Assessment of Candidates for Missions Overseas Many companies locate candidates for relocation based on professional abilities, ignoring personal and family variables – which have a great impact on the success of the mission and the employee’s successful integration into the company upon his/her return to Israel. Selecting candidates for relocation is […]

Relocation Policy

Israel vs the world: Relocation Policy Differences The Israeli relocation policy is significantly different from the policy in the US, Europe and Asia. This could lead to organizational tensions and dissatisfaction among candidates for relocation. How to bridge the gaps?   Relocation policies of Israeli companies are radically different from the policy of US, European […]