How To Calculate The Cost of Living Abroad?

Correct calculation of the cost of living in the destination country should take into account important parameters that are not included in the cost of living index, such as housing, education, vehicles and special expenses arising from the nature of the mission When a company decides to place an employee abroad, it must take into […]

Back From U.S. Relocation – Practical Considerations

Repatriation guide to relocating back from the USA to Israel, the practical considerations: Repatriation-from-the-US-to-Israel-Practical-Perspectives-2012

Cross Cultural Training : ISRAEL – USA

Learn the nuances and cultural differences of living and doing business in the Us and Israel. A guide free to download: Israel_US-Cross-Cultural-Training

Relocation Guide & Checklist to Individuals and Families

From tax planing to shipping and packing, the complete guide and checklist for the relocation candidate, a Relocation guide and checklist free to download: Relocation-Checklist-Individuals-and-Families

Guide to screening and interviewing employees in the USA

A complimentary guide (In Hebrew) for all you need to know on interviewing practices and tactics in the USA. Free to download: Guide-screening_and_interview_employees_in_the_US

Furniture Rental Solutions

Relocation Furniture Rental Solutions Workers who go overseas on relocation are often undecided between two alternatives – shipping furniture or purchasing new furniture in the destination country. There is a widespread worldwide third option, which preferable in many cases, and that is renting furniture for a mission. Among the many arrangements and bureaucracy involved in […]

The Coming Home Crisis – Guide to Repatriation

Coming Home Crisis-How to have a Successful Homecoming Return from a long relocation period is often accompanied by feelings of disappointment and difficulty fitting in the environment and the workplace. What are the reasons for that and what can be done to facilitate a smoother integration back home?   Many Israelis returning to Israel after […]

Work Permits & Visa Tips

Relocating to China

Setting up Operations in China: a Huge Opportunity – Expensive Human Resources China has a rapidly growing economy, focusing the attention of the global business community for over twenty years. According to a survey conducted in 2010, 95.6% of surveyed companies see China an important market in the company’s global strategy, and 63.8% of the […]

Where To Start A New Subsidiary?

Where to start a new Subsidiary: HR Considerations   Deciding where to establish a new subsidiary is also influenced by considerations of human resources, such as flexibility of labor laws in the destination country, wage levels, employer costs, the ability to retain employees and the quality of life of employees. One day we had a […]